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"Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved."

- Helen Keller


I’m Ing. I no longer allow for others to write or dictate my story. I spent my teenage years trying to blend in, my twenties trying to find myself, and the beginning of my thirties desperate to break free of expectation. Now that I have found myself on the other side, I want to reshape the mold that society creates early on to prepare our next generation to be the strong female that only they can be.


I was HER. I have girls who are HER.

We are HER ally. 


Our girls need to know that they are capable, brave, and significant. They need to believe that they are good enough. They need to be able to trust that they have people in their corner, allies, fighting for them.


We do this by creating events. Events specifically crafted for our 12-18 yr old female population. We believe that by creating customized experiences of a lifetime developed around the attributes needing to be instilled within our youth, we will be able to shift the needle towards raising a confident next generation that appreciates unique, different, and beautiful as a whole.


Girls are capable at any time in their lives of putting back their pieces differently, whether they've been broken or it's simply that the pieces just didn't fit together anymore. Either way, the rebuild creates strength within their cracks and sometimes all they need is an ally to reinforce and further support the new bond that's been put in place.

Welcome to HER, where she HEALS, becomes EMPOWERED, while we RALLY.

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