1.1 Product


HER will support the talents of our local makers who deliver quality goods in order to make a positive impact on the every day life of the people within our community. HER will offer space free of rent for these makers and all local goods will be displayed by HER amongst apparel, accessories, stationary, and reclaimed items. HER will strive to carry brands for a cause, while filling in with items that make strides towards leaving a small footprint.


HER will stay present and in the know of community needs, events, and efforts so that HER may take part in supporting and spreading the word of organizations doing good and giving back so that our next generation can build upon our efforts, while raising awareness of an initiative to build up our female youth.



1.2 Customers


HER will target the female audience. Specifically, those who have a desire for original style while maintaining a free spirit and laidback vibe.


Through the shop, HER will focus in on our next generation so that we may empower our female youth through confidence and security. I want my girls to be brave and to know that they are significant. HER will instill this belief by creating events that will allow us to also put to use the services of our local businesses in order to create impactful experiences.



1.3 What Drives Us


HER goal is to provide an open and accepting space, where an enjoyable experience can take place. One that not only fulfills the specialty shopping experience, but also highlights the positive within our community ...


HER will connect our next generation to the community, while supporting and lifting up other small business by connecting through collaboration on events that will host our female youth in hopes to help mold and raise up strong, healed, and empowered women. HER will lead with a graceful heart where the reward comes from taking action in giving. Standing with HER means that instead of telling our next generation what and what not to do, we support what they choose to do outside of the status quo.




2.1 Mission Statement


Being with HER means to support our local makers, while bringing awareness to a community initiative that will highlight our local goods, services, and kindness through collaboration on events in order to help mold our next generation of females into a united front.



2.2 Principal Members


Ingrid Beyhl - Founder


I’m Ing and I no longer allow for others to write or dictate my story. I spent my teenage years trying to blend in, my twenties trying to find myself, and the beginning of my thirties desperate to break free of expectation. Now that I have found myself on the other side, I want to reshape the mold that society creates early on to prepare our next generation to be the strong female that only they can be.



2.3 Legal Structure


HER is a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Peoria, IL



3.1 Industry


HER will be a discovery for local, handmade products from artisans. A handmade shop that will strive to lock arms with vendors who believe in purchase for purpose and who don't sacrifice a small footprint for an extra buck. "Sustainability is no longer about doing less harm. It's about doing more good." -Jochen Zeitz ...


The 'shop local' movement is best supported when wares being purchased are from our very own. HER will take strides to host within the community, with a projection that other communities would benefit by doing the same. Within this industry, there has yet to be a franchise dedicated to the community in which they're planted. HER will be the first. Through local support and by connecting our next female generation to the community, a strong platform will be created for a planned and fruitful future. This future will be guided by strong and encouraged women, who have the confidence and respect they deserve. We want to further the growth that has begun and we want to do it by lifting HER up.



3.2 Customers


HER customer is the mom that has teenage daughters who like to borrow her clothes. It's the boyfriend that wants to pick up the unique gift for his one of a kind girl. It's the mid-20 gal who needs a briday shower gift for her bestie. It's the ladies who took a few a hrs to catch up over lunch and browse the most charming boutiques ... It's the ally for our next female generation : COMING SOON



3.3 Competitors


Customers today have become all too accustomed to seeing an item online and then looking for it in-store, or visiting a store to only browse, but then make a purchase online.


Today’s successful shop owner must have a plan to sell products to customers wherever they visit, be it online, offline, mobile, pop-up, social media, or via mobile app. My competitors are only those who are currently equipped to do so. HER strategy to collaborate will be the ultimate way to start gaining traction (along with online and brick and mortar presence) within the community. Cross promotion and online content created for in-house vendors will allow for organic growth, which is not being done within the industry.



3.4 Competitive Advantage


A clear shift in the business world indicates that many companies are striving to be more conscious about cultural sensitivities, the environment, local growth, lifting HER up. In order to make a difference, we don't just need to stop what we were doing. We need to do better if we want to actually guide positive change.


HER is taking a chance at making the world a better place ...


Imagine if everyone in the world took one small action for sustainability each day. Truly, the only way to inspire change is to enact the habits. Imagine if we strived to purchase for purpose. To purchase what we know is locally sourced. HER will provide opportunity to instill these habits by partnering with the community in efforts for growth and improvement.


HER change affects us ...


The shop is a way to raise awareness for a much needed initiative that focuses on our next generation of females (12-18). This initiative will be a collaboration within the community in order to create life changing events, literally. Events that deliver powerful life lessons, without them even knowing it’s happening. Time is of the essence at this critical age and it is a development period where she will either gain positive perspectives or fall into negative behavior. By intervening through providing multiple healthy atmospheres we will be better equipping HER to have healthier relationships, positive self talk, a driven future, confidence and a demand for respect.


Events will be planned around the attributes needing to be instilled within HER. Whether its learning empathy, the reward of giving back, confidence, or practical career skills, we believe learning these through an experience of a lifetime will be remembered for a lifetime.



3.5 Regulation


-Federal Tax ID


-D-U-N-S number (this is a unique, nine-digit ID for each physical location of my business)


-Licenses, permits, and certificates


In addition, HER may also need the following ::


· Resale Certificate


· Health Permit


· Fire Department Permit


· Certificate of Occupancy


· Building Construction Permit


· Zoning and Land Use Permits


· Sign Permit


· Air and Water Pollution Control Permit



4.1 Product or Service


HER will be an eclectic mix of local wares, apparel and accessories crafted within the state of Illinois, as well as unique, handmade goods that are designed by artisans with sustainability and goodwill at the forefront. HER will also stock reclaimed items as set-up and display and all pieces will adorn specifics so that the buyer is clear on where, who, and why they are supporting HER initiative. By only providing a rare and unique pieces, the shop will evolve regularly to deliver something new to even the most avid shopper.


4.2 Pricing Structure


HER pricing will span a range of $3-$300 depending on which piece the shopper is drawn to. Gifts can be purchased for $30+ and a unique find for yourself could cost $10 ...



4.3 Product/Service Life Cycle


HER will be ready to welcome with a smile come June 2019 ...


4.4 Intellectual Property Rights


HER will be a registered business in the state of Illinois with the projection of future estabilshments opening up using the exact business model, guidelines, and branding (which will be protected). HER has ownership of the domain herally.com and will set up avenues through social media, pending brand protection.



4.5 Research & Development


-Host pop-up markets as a way to market test new styles and wares in order to determine merchandise.


-Create grab boxes as a way to introduce new vendors and effectively save time for the customer.


-Develop a mission board to gain insight on what's happening within community and look for ways to collaborate.


-Search for areas within our community that needs lifted up.


-Start HER weekly podcast, where our female youth gets to ask the questions addressed from my female youth.


-Finish insight within book to act as the forefront to HER kickstarter campaign.



5.1 Growth Strategy


By connecting and locking arms with other small business' and makers within the community, the investment into the growth will be widespread through cross promotion and support. HER is not only a shop but an introduction to a community wide effort to be made within the investment we need to make into our next generation. We will grow through providing content of value, relaying a positive movement, and an organic spread of hype within the connections being made through HER. Rollout of our second phase will be heavily dependent upon these relationships and will in turn reach a larger audience made up of more than our female population. This is the audience who will stand with HER. We will be HER ally.


The shop will be present in all groups focused on supporting local, protecting what we have, and improving what we leave behind. We will be on watch for new artisans and only bring in quality contructed unique items only to be found within central Illinois at HER.


The events will begin to roll as we gain traction through branded social media content, the best little podcast that will connect our next generation to the value of relating to one another's real life, efforts of kindness within the community, and word of mouth.



5.2 Communication


Through social media platforms. Blog/Vlog, podcast, face to face interaction through networking and meetups.



5.3 Prospects


In store. Future is in store + online. HER will also offer Grab Gifts put together by the founder for the shopper looking for a personal shopper experience and/or the shopper who is on the go and/or the shopper who is male. HER will also be offering up subscription boxes online that will be a discovery of artisans from the subscribers state within which they live. By doing this, we will be able to open relationships within other communities who are looking to strengthen within while serving our 12-18 yr old female youth.


HER will also offer up the service of creating specific experiences based off of client needs using local business providers.

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